"..Reasonable nonsense.."

Tonight you are waited on by Miss Hallony on stage, a waitress with heart and soul. Her temper and her imagination constantly get the chaotic waitress into droll situations. Thus a simple everyday situation like the opening of a bottle can turn into a comical disaster which is often foiled by the perfidy of the object.

Miss Hallony is always good for a surprise - unexpected scenarios arise. Rubber gloves turn into a chicken and red pumps turn into show acts.

Without words the comedian Corina Ratzel stimulates the phantasy of the audience just with physical and mimic play. Her pictures speak for themselves - a hint of the flair of the traditional silent movie fills the hall. In her figure of Miss Hallony she lets panatomimic play flow into the parodies of daily life. Nonsense that makes sense.

 „..Reasonable nonsense...!“