Bring an idea on stage!
Be a star yourself!
Design your own show!

Working on stage in my opinion is an enhancement for people especially for children and juveniles. Almost subconsciously self assurance is strengthened and the importance of group dynamics seenanew. A feeling of success is created through the final presentation of the project. By the by children learn to handle conflicts and deal with difficult emotions. Stage experience assist students in school or professional challenges like presenting papers or with job interviews. One of the goals of the 3 to 4 day project 'Stage performance - "it's show time" is to find the creativeness using various exercises and putting it on stage. All aspects of art  - pantomime, acting, music, dance and comic - are used. The special aspect here is that there are no specifications. In each project something new develops. Depending on the situation and the participants everytime a new play is created that also thrills the audience.

  Project contents:

Inhabitants of institutions for handicapped
Project weeks in schools
Vacation programs for youth- and cultural centers